We finance, develop, own, and manage clean energy solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), so our clients can focus on their core business.
We are fully licensed by Zambia's Energy Regulation Board to Generate, Supply and Distribute electricity to private customers.

What differentiates us? ENDEVA owns and operates the assets we develop.  We provide the full life cycle of the energy solution, from early stage development and finance, through to construction, operations and management, freeing up our clients to direct capital and other resources to their core business over the long term.

Who are our typical clients? SMEs, including commercial, industrial, manufacturing, agricultural (agribusiness), and mineral-based power consumers that require reliable, affordable power.

How do we develop our solutions? We assess available resources to design tailor-made solutions which ensure security of supply, reliability and sustainability in order to match demand and supply (e.g. solar, wind, waste-to-energy and biogas).

The ENDEVA founders and team bring a wealth of experience, proven success and a holistic approach to finding solutions for clients.

How do we finance and recover our investments? ENDEVA covers the costs of its investments with no capital outlay required from our clients.  We recover our investments through longer term agreements (e.g. power purchase or lease agreements) with those clients.

What technologies does ENDEVA promote? ENDEVA is technology agnostic, although we do have access to proprietary renewable state-of-the-art technologies that enhance the solutions offered. Our initial solutions in Zambia are based on well-understood solar PV, battery and inverter technologies to simplify initial rollout.

Where do we operate?  In Zambia to start, with plans to develop portfolios in other Southern African countries, for example: